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  • Dalsem - Greenhouse Specialist in mushrooms

We develop, build and supply high-quality equipment and innovative software systems for compost yards and mushroom farms over the entire world, whether you are looking for technologies to construct phase I bunkers, phase II/III compost tunnels or mushroom growing rooms.

The cultivation of good, high-quality mushrooms is a specialized process. In addition to making excellent-quality compost and creating the proper climate, it is important to use the right tools. At Dalsem Mushroom Projects you are assured of sound knowledge and skills when it comes to selecting and manufacturing these tools.

Not only do we handle the entire process of designing, manufacturing, transporting and constructing. Our expert draughtsmen ensure a complete detailed design, fully in line with your wishes, requirements and possibilities.

At Dalsem Mushroom Projects, quality and service go hand in hand. Our project team has all the knowledge and experience required to complete your project from A to Z. As every compost yard and/or mushroom farm is unique, we supply only customised solutions.
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