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Premier Mushroom chooses certainty 

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Premier Mushroom chooses certainty

The production of high-quality mushrooms is a specialised process which starts with the use of top-quality compost and the creation of the ideal climate. Furthermore, it is important to have the right growing rooms, bunkers, tunnels, machines, equipment and computer-guided climate-control system. Premier Mushrooms from the USA chose to work with Dalsem Mushroom Projects for its mushroom farm due to Dalsem’s extensive knowledge and skills related to designing, selecting and manufacturing all the necessary systems.

Knowledge and experience
Developing, manufacturing, installing and optimising a turnkey mushroom farm project requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Every compost and mushroom production facility is unique due to its individual combination of specific, high-value equipment and innovative software systems. Therefore, each solution provided by Dalsem is 100% customised – and the same holds true for the Premier Mushrooms project. Unique features within this project are the individual air-treatment systems and the specialised compost machines and growing equipment.

Affordable price
In order to guarantee a good price/quality ratio, Dalsem Mushroom Projects works with a large network of reliable suppliers who always produce results that mirror the design exactly. This assures our customers of a high-quality, tailor-made solution at an affordable price. Moreover, Dalsem maintains close relationships with dependable builders and project managers right around the world. Hence, this project in California benefited from the right people in the right place at the right time, resulting in fast and efficient delivery. Furthermore, upon completion of the project, Dalsem offers an effective training programme and helpful advice.

Long-term collaboration
Dalsem approaches each project based on three starting points: high-quality materials, a detailed, customised design, and excellent service. This approach is a good match with Premier Mushroom’s strategy, with the result that Dalsem Mushroom Projects has been awarded all the company’s expansion projects since 2003, as follows:

2003: 3 phase-1 bunkers and a phase-2 tunnel of 190 tons

2003: 16 growing rooms comprising 479m2

2006: 1 phase-2/3 tunnels of 150 tons

2006: 16 growing rooms comprising 479m2

2008: various materials for 24 growing rooms

2008: various materials for 2 phase-1 bunkers and 2 phase-2 tunnels

2010: various materials for 4 phase-1 bunkers

2011: various materials for 24 growing rooms

2012/2013: various materials for 16 growing rooms comprising 558m2

Specialist engineering team
Dalsem Mushroom Projects manages the entire process: design, manufacture, logistics and realisation. In the USA, the specialist engineering team took care of a complete and detailed design, fully in line with the wants, needs and opportunities of Dalsem’s customer, Premier Mushrooms.

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