Hellen Hao Li

Comm. Representative China

Hellen Hao Li

'Concerned about food safety for my fellow homeland'

The last few years the Chinese food safety issues got a lot of inner- and international attention. As I am of Dutch Chinese decent, I have been worried about my family in China. They cannot relax and enjoy their daily meal because of these safety issues. By chance I was introduced to Dalsem Greenhouse Technology B.V. for the vacancy China desk representative. Within this big greenhouse family I learned and got the insight of High-Tech Horticulture, the food safety of crop and their vision about sustainability. From that moment on I understood my mission. Modern Agriculture will be the solution of water shortages, restore the overdraft arable, contaminated land issues, boost of local labor and local economic ánd food safety issue! My job does have a significant meaning!

Traditional farming and Dalsem high-tech Horticulture technology
There is a poem I learned from my primary school time, it tells us how hard the farmers need to work every day on the field, under the burning sun till sweat drops on the land, all this for the limited crops’. Well, this was my image of the Chinese traditional farmer. Nowadays the high-tech horticultural knowledge I gained from Dalsem lets me have the chance to combine my Chinese background and contribute to upgrading Chinese Horticulture. Now is the time to transform Chinese traditional farming. Dalsem Greenhouse Technology B.V. will be there to help and lift up to a next level. It will be a great honor that I may play a tiny roll within this process, to fulfill the calling!

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