Jan Pieter Dalsem

Managing Director

Jan Pieter Dalsem

'Dalsem turns horticulture into an attractive investment opportunity'

“Every day, I’m in contact with entrepreneurs who see attractive investment opportunities in the horticulture sector. They regard local-for-local production of vegetables, flowers or pot plants as offering the potential for valuable new business. Such entrepreneurs understand that the world’s population is increasing, resulting in a rising demand for locally grown products and the need for sustainable production. They are interested in benefiting from Dutch expertise to help them set up complete horticultural companies in and around urban areas. We provide our customers with a solution based on production efficiency, the responsible use of increasingly scarce natural resources and minimum environmental impact.”

Extra benefits
“I work closely with entrepreneurs to explore extra advantages that further improve the horticulture sector’s appeal as an investment opportunity, such as ways to utilise waste heat, cooling water or CO2 from nearby industrial facilities. For us, the challenge lies in helping each and every customer to obtain the maximum return on investment in their horticultural project.
In addition, we provide certainty: customers can depend on the knowledge and expertise we have built up over the past 80 years. But our expertise extends beyond merely understanding different climate zones and different crop types. We have unique experience, and that in turn makes Dalsem unique. For example, we manufacture the greenhouse and all the associated systems ourselves, in our own factory in Den Hoorn. In other words, the entire optimisation, planning, preparation and execution of all aspects of the project are handled by just one company: Dalsem.” 

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