Omid Amani

Export Area Manager

Omid Amani


JUNE 2021
Recently the Dalsem family received the sad news that our dear colleague Mr. Omid Amani has passed away.
Our condolences to his family with this unbelievable loss.


‘Setting up Horticultural projects are my speciality’

“In the ten years that I’ve been working at Dalsem, I’ve always been involved in selling high-tech greenhouse complexes and mushroom farms to customers in the Middle East. I’ve become a specialist in setting up complete mushroom farms, compost companies and greenhouses. My role is always very interesting since I’m required to supervise complete projects in different parts of the world. I particularly enjoy travelling, maintaining good relationships with existing customers and getting to know new clients and their cultures.”

Education and training
“My very first complete compost project, which I sold seven years ago, has since been extended in three phases. I regard that as a nice compliment. 
In Middle Eastern countries, Dalsem also provides education and training so that local employees can run the production company themselves within the space of a few months. The construction work is also done by locals. Hence, the projects always help to boost the economy and prosperity in the region.”

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