Robert-Jan de Goey

Commercial Director

Robert-Jan de Goey

‘Maximising ROI for each individual customer’

“Global market development within such an international scope is one of the things that I most enjoy about working at Dalsem. My personal drive is to maximise the ROI for each individual customer, wherever they are in the world and no matter whether that customer is an experienced grower or an investor who is new to the greenhouse business. Together with my team, I strive to continually expand Dalsem’s portfolio of modern, high-end greenhouses and deliver complete projects which meet the highest customer expectations.”

Roses instead of tomatoes
“Although we have constructed greenhouses on all the world’s continents, one recent project particularly sticks in my mind. It was a project in Armenia for a company called ‘Eco-Tomato’. After a period of intense collaboration, the customer decided to switch from his original strategy of tomato production and invest in a Dalsem greenhouse for roses instead. The company did not change its name so, somewhat unconventionally, ‘Eco-Tomato’ now sell roses – and very successfully in fact, since it secures the highest possible ROI for its specific market situation."

Woudseweg 9
2635 CG Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
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