X-AIR Semi-Closed System

Including CO2 dosing directly into moving air

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  • X-AIR Semi-Closed System
  • X-AIR Semi-Closed System

A new era for Semi-Close greenhouse growing!
The Dalsem X-AIR Semi-Close Greenhouse Solution with the X-AIR Semi-Closed System adds new dimensions to the current approaches for greenhouse growing.

  • The perfect symbiosis of knowledge, technology and data control.
    No resources are wasted, water is re-used and energy consumption is kept to a minimum.
    Yield and production quality are optimized due to the use of Data Driven Growing without need of a highly experienced grower.
  • The Data Driven Growing Strategy will improve yield, avoids human error and therefore will attract more capital to the greenhouse industry.
  • Sustainability due to our solution and the introduction of the X-AIR Semi-Closed System.
    Your greenhouse will generate more production compared to current greenhouses, in some cases up to 10%, whilst saving energy (up to 20%) and CO2.


Dalsem has developed a new method for CO₂ dosing, which is more effective than any other CO₂ distribution method used in horticulture today. From the distribution point in the greenhouse, a pipe system is installed underground and leads upwards over the columns to the X-AIR Semi-Closed System. By dosing the CO₂ in front of the fan blades, the CO₂ mixes directly with the air blown from the X-AIR Semi-Closed System and evenly distributes the CO₂ in the greenhouse. 

Inserting CO₂ into flowing air is perfect for the plant photosynthesis. The moving air reduces the boundary layer resistance and increases the efficiency of photosynthesis, whilst bringing CO₂ to the stomata. An additional advantage is the distribution of the CO₂ from top to bottom in the greenhouse, contrary to other methods currently available. By using this method, the CO₂ accurately reaches the stomata or leaf pores of the plant and is absorbed most effectively.  

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