Greenhouse construction

The complete greenhouse structure is custom made

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  • Dalsem - The complete greenhouse structure is custom made
  • Dalsem - Greenhouse construction

In the design phase, there are extensive discussions with the customer and, if relevant, their advisors to determine all the relevant greenhouse requirements and design parameters. Wind, snow load, elevation, crop type, cultivation method, the customer’s specific needs and local rules and regulations are just some of the factors that can influence the design and construction of a greenhouse. 

The complete greenhouse structure is custom made and complies with calculations based on those requirements and design parameters. To ensure top quality, we have the greenhouse structure build by our Dalsem factory.

The result is a financially viable greenhouse with the right degree of construction safety. Another central objective is to create and maintain the optimal growing conditions for vegetables, flowers and pot plants. This can include creating the right conditions to maximise the amount of sunlight in the greenhouse.

To make the necessary calculations involved in greenhouse construction, Dalsem uses the CASTA/Kassenbouw and Glazenstad computer programs, both of which have been developed by TNO together with companies within the horticultural sector.

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