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'Investing in a horticultural project of Dalsem is investing in a project with the highest return on investment'

-- Jan Pieter Dalsem - Managing Director --
  • 10/29/2018 2:29 PM Will we see you at the #YugAgro 20 - 23 November 2018 - #Russia, #Krasnodar, #ExpogradYug. Welcome at our #DALSEM… https://t.co/qhiVX7M8Y4

  • 10/9/2018 3:28 PM HORTICHINA 2018, 11月21日至23日上海国家会展中心。热烈欢迎各位前来指导 洽谈。荷兰稻燊中国团队与您不见不散!稻燊展位:2HF-016 https://t.co/0j46rBA7XD #Dalsem… https://t.co/W3TA2V1eA4

  • 9/24/2018 11:37 AM Dalsem is in full preparation for all the upcoming exhibitions we are participating in! #YugAgro #Russia 20-23 Nov… https://t.co/hTvfK4GQ0e

  • 8/28/2018 12:02 PM #Dalsem Профессиональная компания по строительству теплиц #FlowersExpo добро пожаловать в наш стенд #H102 #Roses… https://t.co/xYFxBWi9sz

  • 7/12/2018 10:51 AM New images to freshen up our https://t.co/Hh9qF3y2l6 website! Check out this great image from FlavourFresh, Thanks… https://t.co/o3WaKOgW55

  • 7/2/2018 2:52 PM Hello Sun! #Dalsem #Complete #Greenhouse #Projects https://t.co/nF0hxzUolU

  • 6/14/2018 11:49 AM Let's talk business. You are very welcome at our stand 12.100 @GreenTechRAI - RAI Amsterdam. Last day, we will mee… https://t.co/VoKF9MGHpn

  • 6/14/2018 8:23 AM RT @GreenTechRAI: Hey exhibitors, have you secured your spot for next year already? We’re proud to announce that MJ Tech, @Dalsem_Horti and…

  • 5/29/2018 8:45 AM Making sure we have perfect representation! In collaboration with @kopexpo almost done in preparing yet another gre… https://t.co/7GED6MLRM0

  • 5/15/2018 12:22 PM Preparations for the @GreenTechRAI in full swing! We will see you in Amsterdam, june 12-14, hall 12 - booth 12.100… https://t.co/2IwcMoWFGv


  • About Dalsem; '“The world’s finest products, evolve from using the world’s finest partners”'

    Andy Roe - FlavourFresh

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