The largest Kazakh greenhouse complex opened

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The biggest greenhouse compound has been launched in Almaty

Dalsem is responsible for building this high-tech greenhouse in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The greenhouse complex that will be the biggest in the country of Kazakhstan, has been put in operation in Almaty recently. It is located at a 17 ha site in the city's industrial zone. Owner of the entire project is BRBAPK. The greenhouse capacity yearly is set for approximately 8500 tons of ecologically pure cucumbers and tomatoes.

Technical facilities
Designs of the complete greenhouse projects was facilitated at the head office in Den Hoorn, The Netherlands. All Heating systems, Irrigation Management, Screening System and Electrical Installations were built in the Dutch factory.

Technical specifications

  • 49.500m2 cucumber growing area
  • 49.500m2 tomato growing area
  • 11.880m2 propagation area
  • 7.100m2 service area

The greenhouse has been inspected by the metropolis Mayor Bauyrzhan Baybek. 
"This project represents realization of the policy of the head of state aimed at the creation of an agro producing belt around big cities. So we are fulfilling a strategic task of supplying food products to the city and levelling vegetable price increases particularly outside of the season. We must create all the conditions to ensure that this produce gets directly from the garden-bed to the retail stores and that the buyers get quality products," the Mayor noted.

The high quality of vegetables is ensured by the Dutch equipment and a number of innovative solutions such as lighting, fogging, shading system, drip irrigation system. Water purification system is also provided; it will save consumption almost twice. Due to the launch of a new enterprise, 150 permanent jobs have been created. Almaty residents will be able to buy the products grown by local producers as of November last year. Moreover, 80% of vegetables have been pre-ordered thanks to memorandums signed with city retail chains. It has to be mentioned that up to 70% of the internal market in the city is taken by the products imported from China and Uzbekistan. Vegetables grown in the BRB APK greenhouse will allow covering of 1/5 of the internal demand of Almaty residents. (source:

Publication HortiDaily 

Publication HortiDaily 11/30/2016

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