Chinese first High-Tech Hybrid Greenhouse

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First high-tech hybrid greenhouse in Mainland China was built by Dalsem
Smart farming will be the key solution to the food problems that the world will face. As China is preparing for the future, smart farming techniques would provide to feed the escalating population in the coming decades while considering the environment and food safety issues.
Dalsem proudly took the first step to build a fully automatic high-tech hybrid greenhouse in Linyi as a solution.

High-Tech Hybrid Greenhouse
The purpose of a Dalsem greenhouse is to provide plants with a protected and controlled environment that allows for year¬ round crop production, optimizes growth, and maximizes profits. To maximize the greenhouses it requires a broad spectrum of technology and capabilities, including a structure and equipment for protecting and controlling the plant environment.

Production and propagation area
The greenhouse also contains a work space which features a range of high-tech solutions that are specifically design to adapt to the local climate and circumstances. Custom-made in our Dalsem factory in Den Hoorn to guarantee quality. A selection of the technical features are:

Total covered area :67.240m²
Production area:60.040m²
Propagation area:7.200m²

• Roof glazing: Diffuse glass panes
• Ventilation: Continuous vents on both sides of the ridge and equipped with anti-insect netting
• Screening system: Two horizontal screening systems, one for energy saving and one for shading. In addition side screens are provided for the outside walls
• Boiler-system: Two hot water boiler systems with a capacity of 6.0MW each. One of the boilers is equipped with a flue gas condenser
• Heating and Cooling: Tube-rail heating, grow-tube heating, bench heating and monorail heating. The propagation area is equipped with a cooling system, that allows propagation during hot summer periods
• High-pressure fogging: Complete stainless steel high pressure fogging system for humidification and adiabatic cooling
• Irrigation system: Substrate irrigation system complete with re-circulation, and disinfection of the water used
• Water storage: Water storage tanks for fresh water, and drain water, and a foil water retention pond with a capacity of 10 500m³ for the storage and the use of rainwater
• Grow gutter system: Suspended grow gutter system
• Computer system: Hoogendoorn iSii computer system for the control of the greenhouse systems


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