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New patent pending method of CO₂ dosing
To create a highly efficient photosynthesis process of plants, Dalsem introduces a new method of distributing CO₂. The basis is their newly developed Dalsem AIR greenhouse with the recently introduced Dalsem AIR Ventilation Systems. By dosing CO₂ directly into the moving airflow, the distribution will be uniform. From the distribution point in the greenhouse, a pipe system is installed underground and leads upwards over the columns to the Dalsem AIR Ventilator system. By dosing the CO₂ in front of the fan blades, the CO₂ mixes directly with the air blown from the Dalsem AIR Ventilator and evenly distributes the CO₂ in the greenhouse.

Export manager Marc Broeren says; “We’re happy with this new feature that achieves a higher CO₂ absorption rate compared to traditional dosing methods. And in combination with the Dalsem AIR Ventilator, the desired CO₂ level is controlled more steadily and accurately and will be maintained for longer periods. Inserting CO₂ into flowing air is perfect for the plant photosynthesis. The moving air reduces the boundary layer resistance and increases the efficiency of photosynthesis, whilst bringing CO₂ to the stomata. An additional advantage is the distribution of the CO₂ from top to bottom in the greenhouse, contrary to other methods currently available. By using this method, the CO₂ accurately reaches the stomata or leaf pores of the plant and is absorbed most effectively.”

Dalsem AIR Ventilator
The Dalsem AIR Sustainable Greenhouse Solution consists of an Dalsem AIR Ventilator which is designed to mix the required amount of outside air, greenhouse air or air from above the screens into the greenhouse. Broeren says; “Similar to the conventional airing windows, the Dalsem AIR Ventilator creates a horizontal, equally proportioned air intake throughout the greenhouse area. This ventilation system allows the use of single or double screen systems without limitations on opening and closing. Dehumidifying with closed screens under supplementary lighting is now also possible.”

Dalsem AIR Sustainable Greenhouse Solution
Dalsem designed the Dalsem AIR greenhouse to maximize plant and crop growth by optimizing the greenhouse and its climate conditions in a sustainable way. The concept is much more flexible than any other conventional or semi-closed greenhouse systems. This concept takes the natural growth of the plant as the starting point and helps the plant develop optimally, while maintaining its balance.

Marc Broeren: “The Dalsem AIR Greenhouse with the newly developed Dalsem AIR ventilator is capable of using a large variety of climate circumstances and is still able to generate optimal conditions based upon the Data Driven Growing Strategy, restraining the use of natural resources e.g. energy. The plant is central within this strategy and will enable to yield the highest quantity and quality of crop in the shortest time possible. The Dalsem AIR ventilation system can adapt rapidly and this invention by Dalsem is an essential part of the energy-efficient climate control system. A solution that combines decentralized forced air ventilation and circulation to resemble natural airflow from above to the crop. By circulating and mixing greenhouse air with outside air or air from above the screens, optimal growing conditions are created inside the greenhouse. A practical and compact ventilation system which is strategically placed to cover the entire greenhouse.”

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