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The Netherlands has an impressive reputation: Dutch firms have many decades of knowledge and experience of designing and constructing top-quality, high-tech greenhouse facilities, and they are continually introducing new production methods and innovations. The Dutch government, industry and knowledge institutions collaborate closely to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of crop production, and Dalsem forms part of this intensive network of expertise. Hence, each project is based on the latest proven techniques and innovations.

Cost-efficient sourcing of natural resources
No two greenhouse projects are the same. The climate conditions, choice of crop and the customer’s individual requirements all influence the greenhouse specifications and the associated equipment and systems. However, each entrepreneur leading a greenhouse project shares the same objective: profitability. 

The choice of greenhouse and the materials used play an important role in this. The greenhouse must keep the business competitive, in terms of both yield and costs. The Dalsem approach contains the ideal mix of local sourcing of natural resources and in-house manufacturing of the essential high-quality equipment and systems. The result: an optimal return on investment.

Competitive greenhouses
In short, we combine the best of both worlds. By utilising local raw materials which meet our quality criteria we save on purchasing and logistics costs. Applying the latest techniques and innovations developed in The Netherlands increases the quality and volume of the end product. That’s how we guarantee a top-quality, high-tech greenhouse at the optimal price.

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