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Cultivation and management support 

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  • Dalsem - Cultivation and management support

The successful completion of high-tech and sustainable greenhouse projects is actually only a means to an end. The ultimate objective is to enable growers across the globe to produce the very best end products: the tastiest vegetables and the most beautiful flowers and plants. Needless to say, quality and quantity go hand in hand; maximum yield is essential for a healthy profit.


Specialisation is key to achieving that objective together. Hence, the support and services offered by Dalsem go a step further than merely applying the necessary techniques to supply a complete, operational and smooth-running greenhouse complex.

Dalsem also provides:

  • crop specialists
  • specialised climate advisors for the production of vegetables, flowers and plants
  • operational managers
  • other specialists



Top-level support
Doing business in today’s horticultural sector is comparable with top-level support. Partners must work together as a team to achieve the desired results, and decisions on the crop type, growing conditions in the greenhouse, and automation systems on the one hand must be closely aligned with the customer’s product-specific needs on the other. All that creates a very complex playing field, but Dalsem is always on hand to help.

Our specialists provide the necessary supervision throughout that complex process, thus easing the burden on our clients. Thanks to the support received in the form of both technical and management advice, growers can focus on generating as much profit as possible by achieving the right quality and yield of their end products.

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