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Dalsem manufactures everything in-house, offering all the necessary expertise under one roof

Dalsem’s ‘everything-under-one-roof’ approach offers numerous customer benefits: clear communication, quick response, a single point of contact and savings in terms of both time and money. Ever since its foundation in 1932, Dalsem has been committed to quality, craftsmanship and technological innovation. In addition to the greenhouse construction itself, Dalsem also produces and assembles all the necessary installations and control systems

At its own 60,000m2 facility in Den Hoorn, it manufactures systems for heating, cooling, combined heat and power (CHP), irrigation, fertilising, drain water treatment, misting, carbon dioxide (CO2) production, lighting, ventilation, screening, energy efficiency and more.

These extensive in-house technical capabilities make Dalsem one of the world’s leading companies for complete greenhouse concepts. No technical challenge is too great for Dalsem, as its numerous high-tech reference projects for growers of vegetables, flowers and potted plants in various climate zones right around the world illustrate.

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