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Autonomously harvested

Dalsem has started their third construction on a 15-acre Dalsem AIR greenhouse for AppHarvest in Berea, KY, USA.
Stakes in the ground, ready-set-go! Dalsem has long earned its spurs as a leading greenhouse builder, since 1932 and brings a wealth of knowledge about sustainable cultivation to the table. Dalsem has taken on the challenge to be a part of the AgTech movement that will change the traditional way of American Agriculture by using cutting-edge technological systems. Another addition to AppHarvest’s flagship facility in Morehead, will arise in Berea, Madison county, KY, USA. Producing non-GMO leavy greens, reduce water usage by 90%, and eliminate agricultural runoff. And to bring back green job opportunities to a region hard hit by the decline of the coal industry. The Berea greenhouse is part of AppHarvest’s goal to have 12 indoor farms by the end of 2025. 

Berea Project details:

  • 66960m2
  • Berea, Kentucky USA
  • Leafy Greens
  • Equipped with the Dalsem AIR

Less Energy, less risk, more production

The Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution is designed to optimize plant and crop growth by optimizing the greenhouse and its climate conditions in a sustainable way. Starting point is the natural growth of the plant and to develop optimally, whilst maintaining its balance using uses ambient physical properties to generate perfect conditions restraining the use of natural resources e.g. energy.

The Dalsem AIR Semi-Closed System (patent pending) is an essential part of the energy-efficient climate control system. A solution that combines decentralized forced air ventilation and circulation to resemble natural airflow from above to the crop. By circulating and mixing greenhouse air with outside air or air from above the screens, optimal growing conditions are created inside the greenhouse. This system ensures a more homogeneous climate than competing greenhouse systems and enables the highest yield and quality of crop in the shortest time possible.

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