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High quality Red Naomi
The Spanish company Aleia Roses (Bionatur Roses S.L.) obtained their license from the Garray city town council for construction and operation of 15 hectares of greenhouse intended for the production of high quality roses by hydroponic cultivation. Bionatur Roses S.L. selected the Dutch greenhouse construction company Dalsem for the entire project management from optimisation, design, production, logistics and installation. The construction of the high-tech greenhouse will start immediately.

Technical specifications
This high-tech greenhouse project will connect with the access and infrastructure of the Environment Business Park (PEMA), as it will be located on land adjacent to it. The facility consists of a cultivation area of 143,780 square meters of greenhouse and a service building of 7,345 square meters for flower preparation, cold storage chambers, offices, boiler house and irrigation.

Benefit local employment
The work required for the cultivation and harvesting of roses, sorting, preparation and packaging, as well as the storage and loading of the product are tasks that will require the creation of 180 direct jobs. "The goal is to help as many people as possible from Garray to work. The arrival of this company will benefit employment throughout the province," according to María José Jiménez, the major of Garray.

Dalsem develops high-tech greenhouse projects that yield the highest quality and maximum quantity produce. The Dutch greenhouse builder provides all required tools to allow the grower to maximize on the production, by controlling the climate and irrigation for the plants. All parts of the greenhouse, the installations and systems are manufactured in their Dutch factory. Unique to Dalsem is the complete control of both design, manufacturing and execution of the project. All is integrated to a fully functioning greenhouse operation.

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