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Our greenhouse management and training services help investors to optimise their profit 


Customer service is one of Dalsem’s top priorities.
Therefore, even after the construction work is complete, customers around the world can depend on a good product warranty, advice on greenhouse management and professional training. If the customer desires, Dalsem can provide an experienced agronomist to help with high-level management of the greenhouse for all the greenhouse processes. This ensures optimal growing conditions for maximum productivity. As a family-run business, Dalsem is committed to collaboration and partnership with the investors as the basis for delivering the very best solution. 

In addition to organising on-site employee training on how to use the high-tech greenhouse control systems for optimal performance, Dalsem’s specialists share cultivation tips and also provide management advice. The whole team is always open to questions, comments and suggestions from customers. Successful crop production depends on the optimum growing conditions round the clock. Therefore, Dalsem’s technical support engineers are available to provide advice and assistance in the event of any technical problems.

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