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As an experienced specialist in high-tech greenhouse projects including all the required equipment and systems, Dalsem is continually developing new techniques and technology. We are HortiQ and CE certified.

Innovation is one of our company’s core values, and at Dalsem we are consistently raising the bar in terms of both design and construction. All our innovations are driven by the wants and needs of our customers. Our high-tech greenhouses equipped with state-of-the art systems guarantee the best possible yield of top-quality crops.


Any type of greenhouse is possible
We produce various types of greenhouses, including:

  • the world-renowned and contemporary Venlo greenhouse for the production of vegetables, flowers and pot plants
  • the semi-closed greenhouse
  • the ultra-robust polyethylene film greenhouse

Our starting point is to supply the perfect solution for each climate and for each customer’s objectives. Our greenhouses are constructed from top-quality galvanised steel and have an aluminium frame. The greenhouse can be either glass covered or polyethylene film.

Venlo greenhouse: suitable for any climate conditions
The Venlo greenhouse is regarded globally as the best choice within horticultural production. This type of greenhouse can easily be adapted to the local climate conditions on any continent.

Semi-closed greenhouse: applying state-of-the-art techniques
The semi-closed greenhouse is a less well-known but highly talented option in which Dalsem integrates elements of next-generation growing. The benefits are considerable energy savings combined with a new approach to cooling and heating, including by utilising dry outdoor air.

Venlo greenhouse construction makes poly greenhouse unique

Dalsem’s revolutionary poly greenhouse sets itself apart thanks to the Venlo greenhouse construction which combines outstanding robustness with a short installation time. The sturdy design means that the poly greenhouse is suitable for the production of heavier crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers grown in hanging gutter systems. This poly greenhouse also requires less maintenance than other plastic greenhouses. The greenhouse includes all the elements of a high-tech greenhouse concept as would be expected from a Venlo greenhouse.


Dalsem has designed and developed various innovative products and systems under the ‘Xlite’ name in recent years. This greenhouse concept comprises four pioneering components:

  • AluBOX gutter for optimal use of available light
  • ReVoX roof system for less light loss and condensation
  • Flex-wall system which is a simple yet sturdy construction
  • Open span column (optional) for optimal use of space.


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