Greenhouse Investment opportunities

Additional benefits for extra ROI 

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Dalsem is also a reliable and knowledgeable partner when it comes to greenhouse new business models and investment opportunities, whether they relate to geothermal energy, alternative energy or liquid CO2, in combination with the development of new, high-tech greenhouse projects. Dalsem is happy to discuss the chances and possibilities in more detail.


Additional benefits
Investment in high-tech greenhouse projects can be even more profitable if a grower or investor has access to renewable energy resources, subsidies or new sales markets. Together with the client, Dalsem explores the opportunities for gaining extra return on investment (ROI).


Examples of such opportunities can include:

  • access to cheaper manual labour
  • access to geothermal energy
  • utilisation of waste heat
  • CO2 as a by-product of manufacturing.

Seizing chances

Because national and regional governments increasingly prefer to stimulate local manufacturing, the creation of new jobs and the efficient use of natural resources, it is always worth checking whether subsidies are available. Dalsem not only has the relevant knowledge but can also produce the necessary materials and systems in-house. Hence, we are the ideal partner to ensure that each customer makes full use of all the potential investment opportunities.

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