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Transparent and independent quality certification

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It is vital that a new greenhouse meets the very highest quality standards and a HortiQ certificate is evidence of this.

The certificate provides growers and investors with the assurance they need, while for technical installation companies, it provides evidence of expertise and efficient working practices. For both parties, the HortiQ certificate guarantees that they operate in accordance with clear procedures and criteria. Having objective water and heating criteria ensures that all parties know what is expected of them.

Independent quality system
The HortiQ quality system is intended for greenhouse construction companies, installers or other suppliers within the horticultural sector. It was set up in collaboration with experienced and expert partners. Knowledge of the technique was contributed by knowledge institutions, consultancy firms, insurers and of course companies from the sector, along with it knowledge institute ISSO, the quality guidelines have been drawn up.

Certified companies are assessed by a independent certification body based on official assessment guidelines (BRL). The HortiQ certificate is provided solely on the basis of a positive opinion of the certifying institution. This setup guarantees objectivity of the quality system. The HortiQ certificate is valid for a period of three years. During this period, the certificate holder is annually interim assessed by the independent certifying institution.

For more information please check www.hortiq.nl/en/

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