Combined Heat Power Unit (CHP)

Producing heat and electricity simultaneously saves energy

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  • Dalsem - Combined Heat Power Unit (CHP)

A combined heat and power unit (CHP unit) literally brings together heat and power. The generation of electricity produces heat which can be used to heat the greenhouse. The electricity can be used to power artificial lighting for the crops or for other electrical systems within the greenhouse.

Producing heat and electricity simultaneously in this way saves energy. A CHP unit is also environmentally friendly since it is a relatively clean production process and it makes effective use of fossil fuels. 

Moreover, it is possible to clean the emission gasses from the CHP unit and to use the resulting CO2 to carbon fertilise the plants in the greenhouse.

CHP units are available with various capacities. We are happy to advise you on the best solution in line with the size of your company and your electricity requirements.

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