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Heating system in greenhouse ensures that the necessary heat reaches the plants

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In the production of vegetables, flowers and pot plants, it is important that the temperature can be regulated day and night and that the heating system has sufficient capacity. Furthermore, it is important to create a homogeneous greenhouse climate without any cold spots.

Water heated in the heating system is transported through pipes to the areas where heat is required. The heat warms the air inside the greenhouse through steel pipes and/or through the floor.

A heating system comprises:

  • the boiler with the burner and/or a CHP unit
  • possibly a heat storage tank
  • expansion tank
  • manifold
  • pumps
  • cut-off valves
  • regulating valves
  • underfloor flow and return pipes
  • mixing valves
  • heating pipes and/or tubes
  • thermostats

The heating system installed in the greenhouse ensures that the necessary heat reaches the plants. Depending on the type of crop, type of greenhouse and/or type of growing system, the heat is delivered into the greenhouse via:

  • pipe rail heating
  • vegetation heating
  • snowmelt heating
  • underfloor heating
  • gable heating
  • monorail heating
  • table heating

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