Assimilation Lighting System

An efficient use of assimilation light is of considerable importance for growers

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  • Assimilation Lighting System

Assimilation lighting of the greenhouse
The application of light-emitting diodes (LED’s) as potential source for assimilation lighting in greenhouse production systems opens up a range of new possibilities. LED’s produce light in a very narrow wavelength range and do not directly emit heat radiation. The heat which is produced by LED’s due to their limited energy conversion efficiency, can be drawn away via convective (water)cooling.


As a result, LED’s can be applied at relative dark places within the crop to increase leaf photosynthesis at locations where assimilation light normally doesn’t penetrate. In theory this type of intercrop lighting could significantly increase crop photosynthesis. Existing simulation models for greenhouse/crop systems can be used to simulate the potential effects this intercrop lighting on crop photosynthesis. 

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