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Over the past decades, Dalsem has evolved into much more than merely a builder of greenhouses. The company sets itself apart as a specialist in complete, high-tech greenhouse projects. That specialisation comprises design, manufacture and delivery of entire greenhouse facilities, which needless to say are fully aligned with each customer’s needs.


What makes us unique at Dalsem is that we have all the necessary disciplines and specialisations in-house, which in turn enables us to deliver turnkey projects. In other words, we not only take care of building the greenhouse but we also design and produce all the associated systems ourselves at our headquarters in Den Hoorn, The Netherlands. The component parts vary from heating and cooling installations to irrigation and electricity systems. We take the ‘everything under one roof’ principle a step further, since at Dalsem we also design and manufacture the controls for the air vents, screening and fertilisation units, for example. This approach means that our customers save both time and money!

Cost-efficient sourcing of natural resources
Every project is unique, every customer has their own needs, and every country is different which is why no two greenhouse projects are the same. The climate conditions, choice of crop and the customer’s individual ideas and requirements all influence which specifications the greenhouse and the associated systems must comply with. However, all growers and investors, no matter where they are in the world, have one important thing in common: they all want a profitable business. The choice of greenhouse and the materials used play a crucial role in this.

The greenhouse must keep the business competitive, in terms of both yield and costs. To achieve that, Dalsem opts for an ideal mix of local sourcing of natural resources and in-house manufacturing of essential, high-quality equipment and systems. The result: an optimal return on investment.

Dalsem is a Dutch greenhouse producer by origin, and the company is still headquartered in The Netherlands today. However, the company has a strong international focus and a wealth of global know-how. Dalsem can deliver a tailor-made greenhouse project for any climate and any climate zone. Thanks to more than 80 years of experience, Dalsem has a huge head start in terms of knowledge, expertise and implementation, irrespective of the grower’s or investor’s production needs.

A stable greenhouse climate all year round

There are no technical limitations as far as Dalsem is concerned. Needless to say, cooling and heating costs play an essential role. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience we have built up over the years, we can custom-develop a system for any type of climate. Our fully integrated systems for heating and cooling ensure that the conditions in the greenhouse remain stable all year round. The final design of the system is partly determined by the local situation. We draw on our global expertise to devise the optimal solution for every challenge.

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