Joop van Riessen

Export Area Manager

Joop van Riessen

‘Creating the right conditions for local-for-local production’

“I like to work in an international environment and I have much experience in Latin America and Russian speaking countries. I feel at home at Dalsem, an internationally operating family-owned company in the horticulture. At the company Dalsem, the customer always comes first. We deliver turnkey projects which enable international investors around the world to set up local-for-local production.”

Customer involvement
“My personal drive is to achieve a successful state-of-the-art horticultural project in close cooperation with customers. In order to achieve that, it is crucial to involve them intensively in all aspects of the project during the often long-term sales process. Over the years we have successfully delivered countless projects across the globe, and most of them have been multi-phase projects, which I see as a sign of satisfied customers.“

Woudseweg 9
2635 CG Den Hoorn, The Netherlands
+31 (0)15 2695800

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