Olga Alexandrova

Commercial Representative CIS

Olga Alexandrova

‘Customers are genuinely proud of our high-tech greenhouses’

“Through my previous employer, I got to know as a Dalsem as a high-tech horticultural company. When that company closed down, Dalsem asked me to join them – and I immediately said yes. I was already familiar with the company and I saw working for the high-tech greenhouse developer as a fantastic opportunity. Customers are genuinely proud of the modern greenhouse projects we deliver for them, and they particularly praise the professionalism and expertise of our specialists. There is a growing demand for environmentally friendly projects within Russia, especially in the vegetable sector. Customers are always looking for total solutions. They expect just one company to handle the entire project: design, manufacture and installation. And the best thing is, that’s exactly what we do.”

“In my view, the key strength of this company is that it’s a very close-knit team. The colleagues are open and helpful which creates a good working atmosphere. The continual variety of new projects, new customers and new enquiries makes this a very interesting role, plus I also do some translating and interpreting work. In other words, it’s a very satisfying job.

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