Robert Poelman

Technical Manager

Robert Poelman

'Focus on innovations and new techniques in horticulture'

“I joined Dalsem because it was a good match with my interests: horticulture, innovations and technology. I had just graduated in mechanical engineering/product development. In my current role as Technical Manager, I’m involved in all the greenhouse projects that Dalsem delivers. In each one, the challenge lies in finding the optimum solution for the customer. No matter whether the greenhouse will be used for vegetables, flowers, pot plants or nursery plants, our focus is always on achieving products with the best quality and the best yield.”

Family company
“What makes Dalsem so unique is that all its techniques are produced in-house. One of my focal points is the application of innovations and new techniques such as semi-closed greenhouses (R&D) and energy-efficient greenhouses. This ties in with my own very clear vision about the idea of next-generation growing, which is why I can often be found at knowledge institutes such as TNO and Wageningen University as well as at growers’ presentations and open days. As a family company, Dalsem is characterised by short communication lines and tremendous enthusiasm. That results in projects to be proud of, such as Agro-Invest in Russia and Deroose in Florida, which was my first as project manager. Other projects high on my list include Krugly God and Ovoshevod.”

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