Dalsem awarded contract

to build high-tch greenhouse in Ontario, Canada

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  • Dalsem awarded contract
  • Dalsem awarded contract
  • Dalsem awarded contract

Dalsem awarded contract to build high-tech greenhouse in Ontario, Canada

  • Design, manufacture and installation of high-tech greenhouse is first of four planned stages at 120 acre (48 hectare) greenfield site at Glencoe, Ontario
  • Dalsem’s AIR Semi-Closed System to form part of industry-leading approach to energy efficiency, sustainability and biosecurity at Glencoe

Den Hoorn, The Netherlands; Tuesday, 13 June 2023: Dalsem - the developer of complete, high-tech greenhouses worldwide - is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to design, manufacture and install a new large-scale greenhouse for starter plants on a greenfield site in Ontario, Canada.

The new construction, which includes a 13 acre (five hectare) greenhouse in addition to warehouse and office space, is the first of four planned development phases on the 120 acre (48 hectare) Glencoe site, owned by Ontario Plants Propagation – one of North America’s leading suppliers of starter plants for greenhouse growers. Glencoe is conveniently situated in the Ontario Highway 401 corridor, providing smooth and reliable access to key growers in both Canada and the US.

The greenhouse development will be fitted with a container growing system, hybrid LED grow light system and Dalsem’s AIR Semi-Closed System which uses ambient physical properties to generate optimal conditions and maintain a homogeneous microclimate for plants to thrive. Ontario Plants Propagation is also planning an industry-leading approach to biosecurity.

Melle Kruisdijk, Dalsem’s CEO, commented: “We are thrilled to be developing the first stage of the Glencoe greenhouse facility, which we believe will set a new standard for sustainability and biosecurity in the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector. The AIR Semi-Closed System, which will be fitted during installation, is a game-changer for greenhouse owners, as it ensures even ventilation and better climate consistency via air-handling units placed in the roof.

This development underscores Dalsem’s global reputation for reliability, innovation and commitment to top-notch customer service. A sharper focus on sustainability and biosecurity will be crucial for the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector in the years ahead, and Dalsem is committed to leading the way. We look forward to working with Ontario Plants Propagation to deliver the Glencoe project.”

The Glencoe greenhouse site is 40 minutes’ drive from Ontario Plants Propagation’s existing 45-acre (18.2 hectare) greenhouse facility in St. Thomas, Ontario, which supplies many of the North America’s largest greenhouse growers. The Glencoe development is due to be completed in the second half of 2024.  Dalsem and Ontario Plants Propagation form part of COFRA’s Sustainable Food Group.

About Ontario Plants Propagation

Founded in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada in 2002, Ontario Plants Propagation is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality starter plants for hydroponic and organic greenhouse growers in North America. Ontario Plants is the preferred supplier of starter tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for leading growers throughout Canada and the United States. The company, acquired by COFRA Holding’s Sustainable Food Group in 2022, has developed a sophisticated propagation process with exemplary hygiene standards and bio-controls, in addition to trusted relationships with its customers.

For more information, see www.ontarioplants.com

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