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“With the Dalsem AIR greenhouse, we take growing to a higher level”
The Air ventilator is designed based on the Airmix ventilator (patented by the Van der Ende-groep). The air supply duct has been designed by Dalsem (patent pending) and has been equipped with two mechanically linked valves. One of those is a ventilation window for intake of outside air. Michael: “This mechanism enables switching between ventilation by outside air or circulation with air from above the screen. With this ventilation system, we take growing to a higher level. The Air ventilator can be modularly expanded with a heat exchanger, so the recirculated air can also be cooled. The ventilation system has been fully integrated in the greenhouse roof. The air supply duct has been placed between the glass roof panel and trellis girder. The screens have been adapted to ensure a perfect fit around the duct.” This ventilation system allows the use of single or double screen systems without any limitation to open or close. And of course, a roof washer can perform its usual job on the roof with the Dalsem Air ventilator.

Data Driven Growing
Joop: “Each grower has his own ‘green fingers approach’ and own interpretation of the growing data, based on which he makes decisions concerning the control of the greenhouse climate. Combining data analysis with today’s technology makes data driven growing effective. Growers are not only able to improve the quality and yield of their existing crops, and therefore maximize their profit, but can also manage a larger production area with less effort. To make optimal use of the X-Air ventilator, during the introduction, we cooperate with Hoogendoorn Growth Management and LetsGrow.com. With this cooperation, Dalsem can offer growers an integrated Data Driven Growing complete solution.”

An integrated complete solution
“With Dalsem, there has been a focus on the greenhouse climate. The Dalsem Air Sustainable Greenhouse Growing Solution gives the grower a better control of the greenhouse climate, supported by a facts & figures based data driven growing strategy which results in higher production, improved quality and more efficient use of energy and means.” A more proactive approach instead of traditional green fingers. We detect an increased awareness of sustainability in customers. With our ventilation systems, you can keep the windows closed for a longer period and therefore limit the loss of CO2.

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