X-AIR Sustainable Greenhouse Growing Concept


The Dalsem AIR Sustainable Greenhouse Solution is designed to maximizing plant and crop growth by optimizing the greenhouse and its climate conditions in a sustainable way, accordant to the integrated cultivation strategy known as Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE).
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This strategy takes the natural growth of the plant as the starting point and helps the plant develop optimally, whilst maintaining its balance.
The X-AIR Greenhouse is capable of using any ambient physical properties to generate optimal conditions based upon Data Driven Growing Strategy, restraining use of energy. This enables the greenhouse to yield the highest quantity and quality of crop in the shortest time possible. The unique Dalsem X-AIR Sustainable Greenhouse Solution is powered by Dalsem, Hoogendoorn Growth Management and LetsGrow.com. Due to enhanced cross-sectoral collaboration between these innovative companies, growers are able to optimize their yield in a sustainable manner.

How the Dalsem X-AIR Greenhouse boosts plant growth:

  • Creates air movement around the plants
  • Improves homogeneity of the (micro)climate
  • Maintaining high-level CO2 efficiency
  • Dehumidifies energy-efficient, whether screens are opened or closed
  • Reduces energy use and emissions
  • Gives insights into plant conditions based upon Data Driven Growing Strategy



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